It’s pronounced yes-tin, and is the Welsh form of Justin, in case you were wondering.

About me

I build stuff for the web using very modern tools (like react, webpack, babel etc. etc.). In my spare time I like to mix a cocktail, read a book, and play video games.

I grew up on a mountain farm in Wales (pictured above). Yes, there are sheep. We also have wind turbines.

About this site

The code for this site is all up on github. It’s typeset in JAF Facit, served from Typekit.

After playing around with building my own blogging engine(a terrible idea, btw), I now use Jekyll. Pretty sure I’ll be moving over to some kind of webpack/react thingy pretty soon.

It’s all being served from a Linode in London somewhere. I used a combination of Sketch and Sublime to design and build the site.

If you have any questions, or comments, or you want to hurl some abuse; hit me up on twitter or drop me an email.